Liquisort Separation


At this highly innovative sorting line various non-ferrous metal streams can be separated in clean non-ferrous fractions.  Because this separation technology uses just a single property of the material, namely its density, and does not depend on the size or shape of the particles it is possible to achieve an extremely clean separation.

It consists of a sustainable, highly innovative and patented revolutionary sorting method with exceptional sorting efficiency that makes it possible to sort various metal mixes into clean, separated fractions. The MDS technology guarantees an exceedingly high degree of purity, resulting in the maximum benefit of the particular material flows.  The core of this plant consists of MDS separators,  beside the MDS separators all kinds of other high-end machinery is integrated and high purity grade of the various end products is guaranteed.  So are rare-earth magnetic systems and Eddy Current non-ferrous separators of the latest generation integrated in the process.

These systems are able to handle large capacities. If your material volume is not sufficient to justify an investment in this technology and alternative option is that we process your material at Liquisort Baetsen B.V.  Contact us and get acquainted with the patented MDS sorting technology and you will be convinced by the benefits that this technology has to offer you and your company.  Furthermore Liquisort Baetsen B.V. has a laboratory where, besides quality inspections, various tests can be accomplished.