Aero Timber – for Heavy Wooden Planks


All-rounder for cranes!

Transporting very long and very heavy wooden planks has always been one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to handling wood. Aero-Lift makes this difficult task seem like child’s play with its Aero Timber vacuum lifter.                                                                                                                                                   

With the Aero Timber mounted on your crane, only one person is needed to transport extra-long planks to wherever they are required.

The block able, three chamber suction plates ensure the planks of various widths and weights can be processed without  changeover.

Thus, a centuries-old problem vanishes practically into thin air

 Quick overview of all benefits

Aero-Timber offers maximum reliability and many other advantages over conventional wood handling processes

Minimized risk even with heavy & hard to manage materials

Best quality powerful pump always provides sufficient vacuum

A pull-out operating handle ensures that the operator always has optimum view of the workpiece and a ergonomic working position.

Safety due to an electronic warning device with monitoring of vacuum level and power supply.