Aero Cube


Aero Cube – Brand new innovation.

This is a battery-powered, compact vacuum lifter
The Aero Cube is a light, compact vacuum lifter for independent and flexible use, especially when lifting smooth surfaces. This device works independently with a battery (24V), so that only a crane is needed to use the Aero Cube

The individual adaptability enables the handling of a wide range of materials with different surface characteristics, e.g. barrels, plastic sheets, glass panes and many others.  The intelligent warning device, including LED lights ensure a high level of safety. With a dismountable vertical crane eye.


One basic device, countless application possibilities

Up to 250 kg load capacity

Suitable for horizontal and vertical transport

Mobile and flexible use

Powerful battery, without mains supply

One suction plate (glass, grooved rubber, foam rubber seal)

Extremely robust construction

Applications for the AERO CUBE
Sheet metal processing

During the assembly of housing and window construction

In the electronics sector

In the shipping and logistics sector

When handling goods with smooth surfaces, e.g. barrels, plastic sheets or glass panes

Article Number Description Suction Plate Load capacity horizontal (kg) Load capacity vertical (kg)
1030814 Aero-Cube 250/1G-24V AL 360G 250 kg 125 kg
1030815 Aero-Cube 135/1R-24V AL 270R 135 kg 67.5 kg
1030816 Aero-Cube 90/1M-24V AL 245M 90 kg 45 kg
1030817 Aero-Cube 145/1M-24V AL 300M 145 kg 72.5 kg